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Pablo Mac Donough claims that polo is one of the most difficult sports for a watch. A watch is subjected to a brutal punishment during a match of polo. The watch is subjected to a lot more punishment in polo than any other sport.

Pablo can tell you about a few occasions where the mido replica RM 053 he wears has saved his wrist or prevented him from falling. mido replica had this in mind.mido replica Wear a polo watch while playing.

Pablo Mac Donough, in the heat of an polo match.

When it comes to design, the question is always why something looks the way that it does. There is a reason behind this. Richard gave Pablo an RM 010 and asked him to use it during the 2012 season to learn more about the pressures of a watch.

The watch was returned mangled and looked like it had been run over (multiple times). The crystal was broken, the case was battered and scratched, and timekeeping was not working. mido replica needed to redesign the case to accommodate the new sport.

mido replica's RM 053 was a departure on a few fronts.tissot replica The case is still the classic mido replica Tonneau, but the dial, material and shroud that covers the movement are what make it unique.

The second reason for the unusual display was the angle and mounting of the movement in the case. It displayed the time as a lateral "8", with the minutes and hours on the left, and the seconds on right. The case was designed to withstand extreme trauma.