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Pablo Mac Donough has had the tissot replica as his constant companion for six years on the polo pitch. The watch has saved his wrists and forearms from injury when the horse threw its weight onto him.

He still considers it a good luck charm, and he will miss having it on his wrist. You can see the tissot replica in Pablo's watch if you look closely. The tissot replica was only available in 15 pieces. omega replica watches The design was visceral and has remained so to this day. Richard's experimentation was aimed at finding a solution for the problem of how to create and manufacture a timepiece that could be worn by the best polo players in the world.

Six years after the original tissot replica timepiece, the problem remained unchanged with the RM53-01. Richard learned new composite materials, how to suspend the movement in the case and how to protect both the dial and the movement.

The effect of the watch is the same, regardless of how it looks: to have a watch that has a movement that is protected and is positioned in a way to absorb large shocks while still allowing the watch to function.

Richard chose Carbon TPT(r) for the watch case. Carbon TPT(r),Replica Rolex Datejust which has been used in several watches, is known to be strong without being heavy. Richard has also improved the suspension technology, which was used for the first time in the RM27-01.