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The ulysse nardin replica Tourbillon – Pablo Mac Donough

The cage was angled 30 degrees to increase the watch's resistance to shocks. The watch movement has been re-configured to be mounted sideways into the case. This is reflected partly in the face of the timepiece.

The cage also protected the movement from any shocks caused by impacts on the case. The case of the ulysse nardin replica watch is made out of titanium. However, the canopy is made with a very special alloy called Titanium carbide.

The unique titanium carbine is what makes this watch so replica Richard chose this type of cermet because of the possibility of extreme impacts on watch faces.

What is a Cermet? A cermet composite is made up of metal and ceramic elements. A cermet has the best of both ceramic and metal properties, including high temperature resistance, hardness and the ability to deform plastically. Metal is used to bind an oxide, carbide, or boride. Richard chose titanium carbide.

As a cermet titanium carbide is used in some very extreme applications. Titanium is a rare metal used in super alloys to make things like the radiation shielding for satellites and the re-entry plate for spacecraft. Because titanium is difficult to work with and brittle, it's combined with other materials to create super alloys.Patek Philippe replica watches Titanium carbides can be produced by heating the titanium with carbon.

Titanium carbide (Mohs 9.5-9.5) is a refractory ceramic of extreme hardness. The super alloy retains the properties of metal but has other properties which allow it to take on different shapes. The dial side cover for the ulysse nardin replica was shaped from titanium carbide to accommodate the curved dial display.